Bloomchemag is a global chemical distribution company

Bloomchemag represents Global firms in Food, Agri & Life Sciences sectors, particularly in CRAMS (Contract Research & Manufacturing Services) space, with an aim to increase their footprint in Indian subcontinent and conversely support Indian and other Asian speciality chemical producers to scale-up their operations and gain larger share of global markets. This is made possible by leveraging our knowledge of markets, expertise in technical functions and new business development.

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Acrylates / Acrylic Monomers

Acrylic resins represent the largest category of polymers used in the coatings...


Acetyl is a moiety, the Acyl with chemical formula CH3CO. The Acetyl group contains...

Alcohols / Diols / Polyols

These materials are organic compounds containing one or more hydroxyl (-OH)...


Solvents can be applied into use as a raw material in a wide variety...

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Bloomchemag is a supplier of Asian origin Chemical intermediates active primarily in the European market but also present in other markets as Africa, America’s.

We are one of the fast growing chemical ingredients supplier in Belgium

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