Our Vision

Bloomchemag’s vision is to be a reliable outsourcing and distribution partner of choice for global chemical and life sciences companies by offering them product solutions with integrated logistics and operations by providing complete solutions with end-to-end logistics from producer's plants till end-user's plants globally. Linking chemical manufacturers (our suppliers) and chemical users (our customers), Bloomchemag aims to provides complete distribution solutions rather than just chemical products.

Bloomchemag aims to develop a wide product portfolio in the area of chemistry and agriculture through collaborations between producers and customers through its unique engagement and delivery models. We aim to achieve leadership in full-line chemical distribution of chosen product categories.


We offer products and service solutions to our clients by understanding their manufacturing processes, studying the sourcing markets for their various intermediates for Pharma, Human and Animal Health products & Nutraceuticals, Crop protection chemicals, Packaging and Films, Food ingredients, Solvents, Speciality chemicals for Consumer care, Textiles, Dyes, Pigments, Fluoro chemicals etc. We are currently serving about 40 large global customers in our 6th year of operation.