From CEO's Desk

Dear Reader,

Welcome to BloomchemAG's website, and thank you for your interest in our company. We are happy to share with you information about our growing organisation viz. our business model, vision, mission, values, work culture and how we can serve your needs.

At BloomchemAG, we take pride in being a reliable supplier of chemical intermediates worldwide, with a strong focus on the European market and expanding our presence in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Our Business Model

In today's dynamic global landscape, sourcing products from Asia has evolved into a streamlined and effortless process. However, navigating the complexities of the marketplace presents ongoing challenges.BloomchemAG understands the bridge between “Local Europe” & “Global Trading”

We connect chemical manufacturers and chemical users across the world. We offer products and service solutions to our customers by understanding their manufacturing processes, and studying the sourcing markets for their various intermediate for Pharma, Agri, Packaging, Paint & Coatings, Construction, Food and Cosmetic industries etc.

We support the producers to access global customer markets through our 'Responsible Distribution & Care of the specialty chemicals’. Our top serving markets are in Europe and Africa, followed by regions in Far-east Asia, West Asia and South America/Caribbean through our focused business development efforts and supply chain excellence operations.

Our Vision

BloomchemAG vision is to be a Reliable CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing Services) Player and Outsourcing, Distribution Partner of Global Firms in Specialty Chemicals Industry, by offering strategic sourcing options and Asian low cost advantage to our Clients. We aims to provide complete distribution solutions rather than just chemical products.

Currently we have presence as a third-party distribution company of specialty chemicals. As per ICIS Top 100, Chemical Distributors report of Europe, BloomchemAG is currently ranked #156 in Third Party Chemical Distribution Market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase our share of sales to both actual users and last-mile connectors in major European economies, enabling us to gather valuable market insights for strategic planning. Headquartered in Noida (India) and Mol (Belgium), we recently celebrated 11 successful years of operation.

We are committed to simplifying the complexities of global sourcing. With a top-line revenue exceeding 18 million EUR, we have achieved this through our deep understanding of markets, proficiency in technical operations, and innovative approach to new business and product development. We are aiming to reach EUR 50 million in the coming 3 years. We are actively capitalizing on opportunities presented by the continuous outsourcing of European companies from Asia, foreseeing continued high annual growth in the near future.

Our Values

At BloomchemAG, our values centre around customer centricity, innovation, trust, ethics, diversity, flexibility, and equal opportunity for all.We like to explore to identify the best solutions through research. We build and nurture lasting “Relationships” with our partners built on trust.

We promote a culture of equal opportunity for all irrespective of caste, creed, gender, or religion. We still maintain a start-up culture in our company, as it keeps us flexible and agile, with a high level of accountability and faster decision-making. We enjoy learning from our errors, keeping short lines of communication, with no hierarchy and high ownership of a task, and a customer-centric approach.

One of our key learnings from our journey in BloomchemAG has been to never over-commit to our customers, and yet maintain aggression in the market place

Work Culture at Bloomchemag

Our CORE VALUES are “Quality”, “Relationships”, “Ethics” “Entrepreneurship”, “Innovation” and “Discipline”.

We are a company with "Nothing is impossible" culture and this value of "willingness to take a risk" has enabled us to work at our best and deliver a high level of service excellence to our clients. We remain focused to create and promote a healthy and happy work-place for young vibrant, sharp minds of professionals and channelizing their energies towards entrepreneurship.

There is always a place in the market for “Innovation” i.e. an innovative Business idea and solution. My personal goal is to develop a culture of innovation at BloomchemAG, enjoy the journey and create co-owners at BloomchemAG from amongst our core operating team.

Our Investors

As we embark on the next step of scaling-up of our business operations, it would open up opportunities for us to identify potential investors. We require Debt Financing for our fast-growing demand for Working Capital in order to achieve our vision of becoming one of the most admired third-party distributors of specialty chemicals from Asia.

Our endeavour is to become one of the leading focused global third-party distribution and logistics firms in the CRAMS market. We have set for ourselves a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) to achieve € 50 Million Sales Revenue in 2027.

We look forward to building mutually rewarding relationships with all our stakeholders With 2000 followers on LinkedIn, Bloomchemag as a Brand is a Trusted Partner in Market!

Wishing to have an everlasting mutually rewarding relationship with all our all stakeholders.

Rajesh Sethi