BloomchemAG Ranked 288th amongst Top Chemical Distributors in ICIS 2022 World Ranking

  May 8, 2022

Independent Commodity Intelligence Services (I.C.I.S.) in their 2022 Special Report has published a global ranking of the leaders in chemical distribution based on their sales in the Year 2021.

We are proud to announce that BloomchemAG, Belgium is ranked 288th  in the global ranking of chemical distributors with net sales of  $17.9M (€15.7M) With a region-wise ranking of 69th in the Middle Eastern & African (MEA region); and 156th place in the European region we preceded many big players in the specialty chemicals industry. Our distribution channel spreads across Europe through direct imports and local distribution from a warehouse maintained in Antwerp, Belgium. We specialize in specialty chemicals such as Ethyl acetate; PMA; butyl acrylate; MEK; benzyl alcohol; IPA; methylene chloride; ferric chloride; hydrochloric acid; acetic anhydride; methylene chloride; TDI; calcium hypochlorite; methoxy propanol; caustic soda; sorbitol, etc.

Team Bloomchemag is committed to attaining a place under the Top 100 Global Chemical Distribution leaders in the next 5 Years.     

   ICIS Top Chemical Distributors

  2021 SALES: $17.9M (€15.7M)

  Bloomchemag Rank # 288

  Middle East & Africa chemical distribution leaders (2021 sales, $m)

  2021 SALES: $1.5M

  Bloomchemag Rank # 69

  Europe chemical distribution leaders (2021 sales, $m)

  2021 SALES: $16.1M

  Bloomchemag Rank # 156


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