Our Sustainability Initiative: Bio-based Ethyl Acetate

  November 11, 2019

BloomchemAG have started to promote its “Bio-based Ethyl Acetate”, as it is produced from natural, sustainable raw material Bio-ethanol. “Bio-based Ethyl Acetate” is the answer to optimise Energy efficiency, minimise greenhouse gas emissions, reduce dependence on fossil fuel/non-sustainable resources and optimise waste management.

“Bio-based Ethyl Acetate” from Bloomchemag replaces the synthetic alternatives available from Ineos, Sasol, Celanese etc. which mainly use raw material ethylene or synthetic ethanol from fossil fuels (viz. natural gas, coal and crude oil). “Bio-based Ethyl Acetate” promoted and distributed in Europe by Bloomchemag is produced thru Esterification of Acetic acid with 100% natural Bio-Ethanol.  

1st Reactant is Bio-Ethanol, which is 100% green/of bio origin as it is obtained thru fermentation of biomass like Molasses (a co-product from sugar manufacturing) or Sugarcane juice. India is the second largest sugarcane producing country in the world.  

2nd Reactant is Acetic acid, which can also be obtained from Bioethanol, but due to market considerations, the Acetic acid used is thru methanol carbonylation process.  Hence, the final product “Bio-based Ethyl Acetate” is not 100% Green, but only 52% Green/Bio-based. On demand from customers, at extra cost, Bloomchemag can also provide 100% Bio-based Ethyl acetate.